Fire and Ice: A Surprising Duo [Book 3, Chapter 8]

Episode 8 October 31, 2021 00:39:22
Fire and Ice: A Surprising Duo [Book 3, Chapter 8]
The Zeal Archives
Fire and Ice: A Surprising Duo [Book 3, Chapter 8]

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Our heroes-to-be reach a pivotal moment in the world of Chrono Trigger as familiar face and friend Marle has a chance encounter with Nick G just before the Millennial Fair. But could that moment cause a ripple in space time that causes the Robo and Lucca we know to cease to be? There’s only one day of fairground fun to try to turn things around!


In our world, T and G dig into the key characters of this episode: the tomboy princess, Marle, and the genius inventor, Lucca! What do they talk about? Glad you asked!

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